Broker Connections


Broker Connections allow IQBroker to connect to your brokerage account and place orders. Only one broker connection can be active at any one time from a single portfolio, but you can switch among them at will.

Changing Connections

The Connections menu lets you change the active connection, or create and delete Connections. See Data Connections for more information about the Connections menu.

Supported Broker Connections

Free Broker Connections

Simulation - a paper trading account provided by IQBroker

Commercial Broker Connections

You need to create an account with these brokers in order to use them.

Interactive Brokers

MB Trading


Broker Connection Recommendations

If you want to perform real trading then you must create an account with one of the supported brokers, and select that broker connection.

But if you want to perform analysis, or develop automated strategies, then it might be sufficient to select the Simulation broker connection. This is a paper trading account that is managed by IQBroker. Note that this means that you have two ways to use paper trading: a) Select IQBroker's built-in "Simulation" broker connection; b) Select one of the commercial broker connections, but provide account details for a paper account that you had created with that broker.