Supported Instruments


IQBroker supports the following instrument types:

  • Equities
  • Futures
  • Forex


IQBroker supports five variations of Futures contracts. Three of these variations are Continuous Contracts, i.e. they're a concatenation of many individual contracts in order to create the appearance of a long (multi-year) history for the symbol.

  • Single Contract - one individual contract
  • Continuous Non Back-Adjusted- a Continuous Contract created by IQBroker, which concatenates the market data from many individual contracts. There many be sudden jumps in prices at every point where the data series transitions from one individual contract to the next individual contract.
  • Continuous Back-Adjusted -  a Continuous Contract created by IQBroker, in which prices in older contracts are adjusted up or down in order to to make them transition seamlessly into the prices in the newer contracts. This means that there are no sudden jumps in prices when transitioning from one individual contract to the next. Only the prices in the front contract aren't adjusted.
  • Continuous By Data Provider  - a Continuous Contract created by the Data Provider. Not all data providers support this. It's up to the data provider to decide whether this continuous contract is Back-Adjusted or not.
  • Cash Settled - a special contract that is exchanged for cash when it expires, instead of physically delivering the underlying asset.

Throughout IQBroker, whenever you select a Futures symbol, you're asked to select which variation to use:

In this screenshot, the symbol is ES; the selected variation is "Single Contract"; and the specific contract selected is for March-2017.


IQBroker supports several Forex brokers. Each Forex broker is considered a separate "Exchange" (like NYSE or NASDAQ for Equities). This means that Forex symbols are not cross-broker. E.g., there are separate symbols called "EURUSD" for each broker. Therefore, if you have Forex instruments in your portfolio, and you switch your Broker Connection, then you might not be able to trade those instruments anymore (until you switch back the broker connection). In contrast, Equities and Futures, which are traded in third-party exchanges, are cross-broker.