Depth of Market (DOM)


The DOM tool displays Level 2 activity for a symbol.

To create a DOM panel, select the DOM tool in an empty cell in the workspace.


The top part of the DOM panel is identical to the top part of a Trade Pad.

The bottom part shows the DOM table.

Click on one of the Bid cells to create a Buy Limit order at that price.

Click on one of the Ask cells to create a Sell Limit order at that price.

You can create other types of orders by holding down modifiers when you click in a cell:

  • No modifier - Limit order
  • Alt - Stop order
  • Ctrl + Alt - Stop Limit order
  • Ctrl - Market-If-Touched order
The Stop Limit order is special, because it requires both a Stop Price and a Limit Price. The price where you create this order is selected as the Stop Price, and the Limit Price is set automatically as an offset from the Stop Price. This offset can be set in the DOM Properties dialog (access it from the context menu).