Positions Tab


The Positions tab shows the positions in the portfolio. It contains the following sub-tabs:

  • Open Positions - open positions in the portfolio
  • Closed Positions - positions in the portfolio that have been closed
  • All Positions - combines the Open and Closed positions
  • Brokerage Account Positions - all of the open positions in this broker. This may include positions that aren't part of the portfolio.
Most of these tabs show only positions that were opened in this portfolio (the only exception is the Brokerage Account Positions tab).

Positions Toolbar

This screenshot shows the toolbar in the Open Positions table, but the other tables are similar.

Close Position - close the selected position

Close All Positions - close all the open positions

Fills - show the Order Fills for the selected position

Settlements - show the Futures Settlements for the selected position

View Chart - open a chart for the selected symbol

Settings & Alerts - configure the table, and create Alerts

Detach - create a duplicate of the table, in a separate window

Export -  save the current table as a CSV file

Settings & Alerts

The Settings & Alerts dialog lets you configure the Positions table.

You can use it to select which columns are shown, and the colors used.

You can also create Alerts. Alerts are rules that activate based on the data in the table. Here are some of the default Alerts:

  • Positive PnL - draw rows with a PnL > 0 with a green background
  • Negative PnL - draw rows with a PnL < 0 with a red background