Trade Pad


The Trade Pad allows you to submit orders.

To create a Trade Pad, select the Trade Pad tool in an empty cell in the workspace.

Alternatively, click the Trade Pad button in the toolbar of a Chart. This creates a Trade Pad that is attached to the chart (vs. a Trade Pad that takes up one cell in a workspace).


Main Panel

Sell - shows the Bid Price and Bid Size

Buy - shows the Ask Price and Ask Size

Last (gray box) - shows the Last Price; Bid/Ask spread; and quote delay

L (Low), H (High) - show the Low and High prices in the current trading session

Order Size - the quantity to buy or sell

Position - the quantity of this symbol that is held in this portfolio

Entry Price - the average entry price for the current position

PnL - the PnL of the current position in %, Cash, and Ticks

Close - submit a Market order to close the current position

Cancel All - cancel all the pending orders for this symbol

Reverse - submit orders to take a reverse of the current position

Break Even - submit an order to exit the position at the break-even price

Discretionary Strategy - use a script to monitor and modify the order. E.g., add Stop Loss and Take Profit rules to the order.

Basic Tab

Buy Market / Sell Market - buy or sell the selected quantity at the market price

Buy Ask /Sell Ask - buy or sell the selected quantity at the Ask price

Buy Bid / Sell Bid - buy or sell the selected quantity at the Bid price

Pending Orders - shows the pending orders for this symbol

Advanced Tab

Action Type - select Buy / Sell / Cover / Short

Order Type - select more complex order types such as Limit, Stop Limit, etc. Order types that aren't supported by the current broker are disabled.

Stop PriceLimit Price - enter the prices for Stop/Limit orders

TIF - select the Time in Force

AON - check to select All-or-None

OCA Group - enter an optional One-Cancels-All group name

Submit - submit the order using all of the selected properties

Discretionary Strategies - shows the active discretionary strategies (scripts) for this symbol