Watchlist is a list of symbols and their current prices.

To create a watchlist, select the Watchlist tool in an empty cell in the workspace.

The watchlist table can show a wide variety of columns. Right-click the table's heading row to select which columns are displayed.

Watchlist Toolbar

Symbol Link - if enabled, then clicking on a symbol in the watchlist changes the symbol in all the linked panels

Watchlist Context Menu

Edit Symbols - change the symbols in the watchlist using the Symbol Explorer

Script Columns - add columns whose values are calculated by a script

Cancel Symbol Orders - cancel all of the orders for the selected symbol

Cancel All Orders - cancel all of the pending orders in the account

Close Symbol Position - close the position for the selected symbol

Close All Positions - close all the positions in the account

Add-Ons - add specialized scripts that extend the functionality of the platform

Settings & Alerts - create rules that act on the watchlist (see details below)

Export - save the table as a CSV file

Settings & Alerts

The Settings & Alerts dialog lets you configure the watchlist.

You can use it to select which columns are shown, and the color of the watchlist.

You can also create Alerts. Alerts are rules that activate based on the data in the watchlist. Here are some examples of Alerts:

  • If a symbol's price Bid-Ask spread rises above a certain threshold then highlight the symbol's row in yellow
  • If a symbol's price drops below a certain threshold then run a script (e.g., to buy that symbol)