Chart Scripts

Chart scripts run in the context of a single chart.

Bar Type Scripts

Bar Type scripts build custom bar types that can be used interchangeably with native bar types throughout the platform.

Sample Scripts

  • Last Tick Bars - Custom

  • Bid Tick Bars - Custom

  • Ask Tick Bars - Custom

Drawing Scripts

Drawing scripts draw visual objects on the chart.

On this page:

Sample Scripts

  • Rectangle
  • Ellipse
  • Text
  • Fibonacci Circles
  • Elliott Wave - ABC Correction
  • Gartley - Bat

Indicator Scripts

Indicator scripts calculate a series of numerical values.

Sample Scripts

  • Absolute Price Oscillator
  • Average Price
  • Volume Adjusted Moving Average

Pattern Scripts

Pattern scripts recognize and highlight patterns in the chart.

Sample Scripts

  • Bearish 2 Crows
  • Bearish 3 Black Crows
  • Bullish Meeting Lines
  • Bearish Meeting Lines

Signal Scripts

Signal scripts generate numeric Buy/Sell trading signals.

Sample Scripts

  • Indicator Crossover
  • Indicator Overbought / Oversold