Strategy Scripts

Strategy scripts implement fully automated trading strategies, or add some automation to manual trading.

Discretionary Strategy Scripts

Discretionary strategy scripts manage a manually entered position, from the moment its entry order is submitted to the moment it's closed.

Discretionary strategy scripts are the only type of script that is used with manual trading: the rest of the Strategy Scripts are used with automated trading.

Sample Scripts

These scripts modify submitted orders by adding Stop Loss and Take Profit clauses to them.

  • Bracket in Percent
  • Bracket in Points
  • Bracket in Ticks


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Trading Strategy Scripts

Trading strategy scripts implement an automated strategy for trading one symbol. Automated trading portfolios usually trade multiple symbols, and each symbol gets its own instance of the strategy.

Sample Scripts

  • Indicator Crossover
  • Indicator Support / Resistance
  • Envelope Support / Resistance

Position Sizing Scripts

Position sizing scripts override the Quantity in pending orders that were generated by a Trading Strategy script.

Sample Scripts

  • Fixed Size
  • Fixed Equity
  • Fixed Equity %

Multi-Symbol Trading Strategy Scripts

Multi-symbol trading strategy scripts simultaneously trade a group of symbols from a single strategy instance.

Sample Scripts

  • Long X Symbols for Y Bars
  • Short X Symbols for Y Bars